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Thanks so much for visiting my Scentsy page. My Husband and I sell Scentsy to help with our Senior Pet Sanctuary here is South Carolina.

My Open Parties

  • MidAmerica Boston Rescue Shop
  • Marie Peppers -Peaceful Surroundings- Shop
  • Huron Valley Humane Fundraiser Shop

My Team

Welcome to my page;  Pet Rescue is my life and that's why we sell Scentsy;  Scentsy is an amazing product and the proceeds help us to feed and care for many pets; 

Hubby and I run a Pet Sanctuary Rescue here in South Carolina ;  WE are always looking to add new members to our team .  If you would like to Share / Sell Scentsy with your friend let me know;  We will train you no matter what state you live in.  WE would love to have you join TEAM Paws 

Join My Team
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  • Don't miss this egg-stra special deal!
  • Don't miss this egg-stra special deal!

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